Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ariel Chua Photography Blog: Wish list 2011-2012

Ariel Chua Photography Blog: Wish list 2011-2012

Today I listened to Bro. Bo Sanchez' preaching on television.  He enticed his viewers to have a clear handle of their dreams.  To include their wishes as he/she prays to God.  He also encouraged the viewers to make a "dream board" and draw whatever they wish to achieve in their life. I truly believe that there is indeed a power in being in touch with one's inner core and to rely not on your strength but in God's goodness to all humanity. So, I am re-writing my wish as I realized that material things are not the most important but fulfillment and joys that comes from those things. Real joy will remain if i will set my heart in more lasting and fulfilling wishes.

- to share whatever talent or skills I have ( a listening heart, to be a gift to others)
- to live long and see the fruits of my labor
- to be a blessing to other people around me.

The detail is kept in a private log. :D and it will become part of my daily prayers.

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