Monday, August 02, 2010

Holy Week Family Retreat

We went to the Holy Land in time for the Holy Week celebration. It was indeed a spiritual renewal for the whole group of 43 persons, led by Msgr. Ham Moraleda. Our Journey started from a basic orientation on what to expect for the whole trip and the necessary precautions to return home safely. I hope you will journey with us even as you browse the images taken on this journey.  I will be posting the "Doors of Jerusalem" later.

St. Joseph the Carpenter Church
Msgr.  Honesto Moraleda, giving some points for reflection regarding the place...
Pilgrims waiting for the bus going to Mt. Tabor Church
Renewal of Marriage Vows at a Church in Cana.

The Annunciation Church

Mary Ann Prieto in the foreground inside the Transfiguration Chapel.  Beth Estevez, Myrna at the background.

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