Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Casida and Abaño Nuptial

One great wedding. Two years of wedding preparation has paid off as we witnessed how it unfolds before our lens. Every detail was left untouched by the bride's creative and fertile imagination. Joy earlier shared to us how they survived as a couple in spite of the long distance love affair. Joseph was somewhat sentimental while recalling the times when Joy was sick and alone in the a foreign land and can't wait for the moment to share his life with her forever. The well attended wedding which was presided with the bride's brother and concelebrated with around ten priests and a deacon brother, I would say, was indeed a testament of God's blessing and approval of their union as husband and wife.

Thank you Thep and Joy for allowing us to capture the moments you have envisioned for your wedding day. Best regards and may your marriage be blessed even more with little theps and joys.

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  1. Words are not enough Ariel how grateful and thankful we are, having you as our official photographer.

    You make us beautiful and our guest loves you and your staff...seems that, they can't forget ur smile in every shot you took during the wedding!

    Thank you thank you thank you....

    won't forget you, ever!