Friday, May 29, 2009

Princess Frances Nicole

A Dance number from the Beauty and the Beast.

  Brother and sister tandem, Princess Fances Nicole and Marc Matthew Chua.

Of course the charming mothers had their moments too.

Finally, the gorgeous and very active fathers got coaching from their children in naming the cartoon characters during the games. :)

Yes, we also do children photography and birthday parties. Here is one of most elaborate children's party we have covered so far. The theme of which is the Beauty and the Beast, almost all of the children attendees were garb in their favorite prince and princess' costume. The venue was also decorated to look like a palace. There was also a photobooth/ studio set up inside the hall where enthusiastic guests posed with their parents. 'Twas indeed another enchanting occasion. Enjoy viewing and see you on your own children b-day party :)

Party coordinator: RSVP
Photography: Studiowork Plus

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