Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking Back

The wheel of time
passes like the streams
our feelings sultry at times
still soothing even in mountain breeze
keeping our hearts in line

Lots of xpectations and demands
caused us sorrows and pains
but we have grown with it
we have come to live and learn

Turning, gushing and wishing
the reclaimed fantasies lurking
but keeping our efforts at bay
until the signs of Love is laid

Yes, it took us years to articulate
magic words we have ignored
putting that time behind us now
and thanks to a friend
as we share the joys of our vow

Holding your hands in my dreams
made a tingling in my heart
I know that I will always love you
but fearing that you might go

Knowing the love as we supposed
offering the gift of self in force
keeping that sweet little smile
even as we are distant for a little

Looking Back

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