Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Journey for a Reason

Let us journey together......

Suddenly, you wished me to be true
And be back to where I should go
The right path that we try to follow
Finding ourselves whole and new

You are not leading me away
from the God who gives us life
Nothing that He wants that He forces us
Simply to be in touch with our lives

Believe that He is so generous and just
Never selfish and understands us so much
That we should be able to grasp
The LOVE that He wants us to have

Stay and share with me in this passion
let Him strengthen us by His treasure
Even as we journey together...
For He loved us without a reason...

To sow more love for His person
The Eucharist celebrated on the table
Celebrated, Broken and Shared
Yes, He loved us without a reason...

Copyright ©2007
Ariel Dennis Riosa Azada Chua

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