Monday, April 21, 2008

The Cycle Of Life

In the dawning of each day
Brings to us its freshness hay
Tension between darkness and light
A sense of touch, the brightness of life

Aren't we given ample time and place
To live our life without its glaze
To face each day, our basic calling
To serve others as we continue living

Now is the time for conversion
Lo, a period of reconciliation
To become agents and ambassadors
Of the Christ, our Lord in His passion

As we face another season of life
A need to make a shift, if you like
From the ordinary tide and road
So that we may be transformed

Another advent, the joy of waiting
Not creating our own way of living
Yet, listening to our inner voices
That we may rise with Him. . . on Easter

Copyright ©2004
Ariel Dennis Riosa Azada Chua

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