Friday, February 22, 2008

Onward Legazpi

Albay had been raining for almost a week and it resulted to flooding and landslides all over the region. Calamities like this, even in the absence of a typhoon have caused flash floods and deaths were also reported in some areas. We cannot help but to ask, "Is this an act of man or an Act of God? or is this an effect of global warming? It should lead us to reflect on it and find the message that Mother Nature is trying to give us? These and other questions will keep us busy in the coming days.

Whew, lucky enough we were spared by an inch before it entered our newly renovated studio. Yes, we have been closed for almost six months now but thanks to the technology and the website, we haven't stopped covering events during the past months. We would like to thank our valued clients for the continued support and patronage, likewise, for bearing with us.

The doves here, symbolizes our hope that we will finally see the light of day. Lo and behold, today the sun shines brightly over the sky and things are going back to normal. Let us not forget to thank the Lord for the wake up call.

Best regards.


  1. nahirapan akong mag comment, haham dahil humaharang yung image link ng snapshot sa comment link.

    anyway, salamat sa pagbisita. at natuwa naman ako sa comment mo.

    sa totaldirectory mo ako nakita no?

  2. Glad that you like the short comment on your tutorial.

    Keept it up bro. Regards