Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Maravillas & Millar Nuptial

We arrived in Sto. Thomas Batangas at exactly 5 P.M., that makes a 12-hour travel via south-road. We were met by the assistant coordinator at Jollibee and checked the sites and venue before we went to Microtel, where Alden and Rose reserved a room for our team.

We went to the bride's residence at San Pedro, Batangas where we witnessed the first meeting of two families and their relatives. A perfect moment where laughters and handshakes followed the short introductions. Such a meeting would not be complete without the customary welcome and of course a hearty meal was served by the host (special sisig, pork adobo, dinuguan). Although the house was halfway finished we find the place cozy and very positive. There, we came to meet Sir Nemy, the emcee and the wedding coordinator who run the whole affair and freeing Alden & Rose from worries and anxiety of the wedding preparation.

Indeed, the whole event went smoothly as the love and romance filled the church and continued at the reception. You may browse the picture and the links to see for your self how infectious the love that started between Alden & Rose was. We enjoyed the shoot very much and we wish Alden & Rose a blessed and a fruitful marriage.

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