Friday, August 03, 2007

Vocation Month

This was taken an hour ago outside our parish church. I think they kept the vocation materials years ago and recycled it on vocation month. Somebody texted me about it and my sister sent me this files. I hope they will be able to encourage searchee through these image. I really brings back memories.
Vocation Month

The Lovely Path
To all the BSVC members who are discerning their vocation

You came and I was puzzled
O rushing love and invitation
You always have for mine
and so I gave myself to thine
I waited for signs just to confirm
Doubts and questions, fears and yearns
The morning came but there never is
Until I reached that certain place
Clanging bells,funerals and falling leaves
Came to mean so much then
Every movement flashing never cease
For your call I was so pleased
Others think that I'd freeze
Even your cross unfazed
I know you are happy
For I gave you my yes
How lovely is your dwelling place
My God, O Lord of the harvest
Giving me joy and strength
With the Spirit in every step.

Br. Joshua, SSS
Copyright ©2003Ariel Dennis Riosa Azada Chua

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