Saturday, August 04, 2007

Moving On Jul 23, '07 4:37 PM

This was taken during one of our south-road trip back to Bicol. This particular image speaks about the beginning of a long but inspiring journey even if one has decided to leave the seminary-life for good. The world opens up new opportunities for this lone journeyer and found out that, indeed, he is not really alone. His initial journey confirms the teachings he discovered even when he was still a formandi, that someone greater, powerful and most loving creator will never leave you alone in the journey of life.

Yes, He even blessed this journeyer a family, though not perfect, but is always a source of joy and inspiration, of strength and a good reason to move on and make this old path take a new height and meaning.

What else could one ask for, when this journeyer was equally blessed with a faithful and caring partner. The almost-perfect-wife that I always wanted to have since day one I met her. Let this not be an end of the journey but a processes that will surely make this traveler a better person even as he continue to paddle his way on the river of life.

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