Saturday, July 28, 2007

Treasured Moments

It was one fateful afternoon when I met Ellen, my wife. She was so simple yet beaming with positive energies, a well rounded person, caring and sweet. Hmmm... I was attracted to her there and then, you may call it "love at first sight" :). During our college days in Aquinas University, we came to share common interests and having common friends. We both started as architecture students during our freshmen years. I remember the times whenever I set foot in Legazpi, my thought was always filled with her images.

It took me years of courting her and the moments spent with her were always special. So, it was not a surprise when I heard my self saying that I would marry her someday because I realized that I love her very much. However, it was only after 22 years that we finally settled as a couple. She has been busy with her work and enjoying life with her family and friends while I continued my studies and formation in the seminary. The presence of our family and friends on our wedding day is indeed treasured moments, truly a blessing and a gift of joy, life.  A celebration of LOVE.

You may call it a coincidence, because we both love and appreciate beautiful things and capturing it with our cameras is one passion that we truly share.

Though I started with video in capturing moments and events, I would say that Ellen has been my greatest influence to seriously consider professional photography as a career.

Our Journey Continue...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Being a hobbyist, Ellen has a collection of images that reaches far and wide. From inanimate and simple things to different places here and abroad. Undoubtedly, aside from being witty and a natural comedienne she is also a favorite companion because she takes beautiful pictures of the group when they travel.

And so, few months after our wedding, we decided to open Studiowork Plus and Image Production, located in the heart of Legazpi City and never doubted that we can deliver the goods and services that we promised to our clients.

We hope to continue in this business not only for the monetary rewards but the friendship that we gained through our direct contacts with our treasured partners in this industry.

We hope to see you again and let us talk not only business but also life... capturing your most treasured moments.

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